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The StepWise Foundation is advancing the use of Artificial Intelligence and digital technology as means of solving the world’s most pressing problems. At SWF we are particularly focused on enhancing economic inclusion in Africa through the creation of digital jobs for people from disadvantaged communities, predominantly women, the chronically unemployed, and persons with disabilities. We collaborate with partners around projects which harness the power of AI to find solutions to challenges in socially important areas such as healthcare, financial inclusion, education, youth employability, and assistive technologies for persons with disabilities.


Our Mission

The StepWise Foundation leverages the power of technology to train and upskill people from marginalized communities, especially Persons with Disabilities, to empower them to fully participate in the new digital economy. We work with partners to deliver projects to advance a more inclusive society and improve the lives of people from disadvantaged backgrounds and Persons with Disabilities.


Our Work

Our work is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Through our partnership with Zalego Academy, over 2000 young people have received training in various IT skills including Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Applied Data Science, Mobile Apps Development, Web Development, Data Annotation, among others. Our work is designed to equip youth with skills to meet current and future tech industry demand.


Trained on IT Skills


Employed Over Time


Trained on Soft Skills

Our Strategy

Shared Value

We collaborate with industry and international development sector in advancing the use of AI to deliver innovative solutions


We use technology to design solutions that can make significant impact at scale


We actively collaborate with academia in research projects to gain a better understanding of issues facing under-served communities

The Future of work

We facilitate youth and persons with disabilities in acquiring skills needed…..

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